Bedroom pieces of proven Bulgarian and world-famous home textile manufacturers. Thermal lined quilts, functional and beautiful, shaped to preserve condition. Stylish bedroom bedspreads with wadded wadding of beautiful jacquard characters. Unique and two times luxurious shawls with a magnificent design, highlighted with original embroidery and extra shaping stitches.

Baby bedding manufactured from quality natural textiles. Thematic baby comforter sets with Disney as well as others. cartoon heroes. Fine baby bed linens with delicate adornments, baby bathrobes, bath towels, blankets plus more.

High quality linens. It is completely different and comes in different sizes: single bed and bedroom with different mattress sizes. The sets are standard – lower sheet, envelope and cover (s) (double and larger size with two or four covers). There are also 5-piece sets, to which a second envelope envelope is added.

The presented bedclothes models in the Shop T-shirts have a beautiful, contemporary design. They follow the latest fashion trends in home, interior textiles. Color ranges range in a wide range. They are stylishly selected and intertwined in spectacular floral and geometric shapes. Textile fabrics are natural and high quality. They are distinguished by high density, durable shapes and beautiful, durable colors. Luxury bed sheets are made of high quality cotton satin. They belong to the fashion collections of well-known brands such as Beauty Home, Antilo textile, TAC, etc., with guaranteed quality and incredible radiance. долен чаршаф

In order to satisfy the needs of each customer, we accept orders for making (if possible) kits with sizes and content at the customer’s request.

Luxury wedding socks manufactured from cotton silk with Beauty Home brand and even more …

Bed linens from Bulgarian manufacturers is of different sizes, in line with the Bulgarian standard. The models include a lower part (foundation sheet), higher (top sheet, envelope or duvet) and pillowcases (one, baby and children’s size are one pillowcase). The brought in articles differ in proportions and content from the Bulgarian ones.



In the information of every product you will see detailed information.

Offered items in the web store are of high quality and beautiful design. The materials used to make sure they are are modern, thick, persistent, yet very soft and enjoyable to touch. To be able to meet every flavour, we have decided on models in several colors and styles (with floral elements, geometric numbers, traditional, monochrome, two-color, embroidery, etc.)

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