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This has been said that Vietnam has more colours of green than any other country and it is indeed one of the most fascinating countries in Asia with a powerful and deep culture, anéantissements of French colonialism in many cities, and a booming economy that is modernizing quickly. And as with development all over Asia, the clinics and equipment are new, furnished with the latest equipment, and the dental pros are multi-lingual and well-trained. It is the most effective value destinations in the world based upon price and quality and international arrivals for services have been growing in the last 10 years at a double-digit pace.

The Vietnamese, or ethnic kinh, inhabited the southern areas of China before migrating southward to inhabit the two great river miles on the edge of the south-east Asian landmass: the Mekong River container in the south and in the north the Red River Valley. Vietnam is said to widely be a province of China as many of the traditions and words are sino-inspired. Later, during the colonial period a missionary translated the dialect to a Latin buchstabenfolge to help increase literacy rates. Thus, the Japanese language dropped Chinese ideographs in favor of text message a foreign western traveler can read about dentist.

In additional to affordable and accessible dental care, Vietnam has pristine beaches, idyllic destinations in the north or Phu Quoc in the south, terraced paddy areas near Sapa, and fresh seafood just about just about everywhere owing to its 2050 km of coastline.